The Old Philologians Association

The Old Philologians Committee

The association is very much a live organisation. There are several events during the year and there is also communication between members. All of this needs organising and there is a lot of work going on in the background. At the AGM in March, we discuss events of the previous twelve months and we elect a committee to organise the actions of the association for the following year.

We are always looking for new volunteers with specific expertise, so if you are not able to come to the AGM and feel you would like to be involved, please contact our secretary or our treasurer. Up until recently, the committee used to meet about three times per year

If you do not live near central London, that is no problem. Since the pandemic, all committee meetings have taken place by Zoom and we find this works very well and we are able to have more meetings.

Current Members

President: Sir Brian Vickers (1948-57)

Chairman: vacant

Treasurer: Omar Harmon (1973-80)
68 Ockendon Road,
London, N1 3NW

Secretary: Peter Walter (1958-66)
62 Linden Avenue,
Middlesex, HA9 8BD
020 8903 4952

Website: Adrian Morris (1947-52)

Mailings: Rob Tims (1962-70)

Accounts Examiner: Tony Antoniou (1969-76)

Other committee members:
Photios Demetriou (1969-75)
Gerald Margolis (1943-51)
Gerald Milch (1957-65)
Brian Saperia (1949-57)
Michael Springate (1946-51)
Peter Woodman (1946-51)