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"The Philologian"

Your "Webmaster" has given himself the daunting task of digitally scanning those copies of "The Philologian"
which he has in his possession. This may be rather akin to painting the Forth Bridge in that it could be a never ending task. However, I am sure that many former pupils may find the contents interesting and in some cases embarrassing when the authors read some of their early efforts in the field of literature. Without going totally out on a limb and making promises I cannot keep, it is my hope that over a period of unspecified time I will be able to scan all those copies of the school magazine which the Association has in its care.

Reading these magazines before scanning took place, I am astonished by the quality of the writing and also the memories of the various events, I was a part of, have invoked.

I hope that I may have done the same for many of the readers.

The scans of each issue of "The Philologian" are in Adobe Acrobat format and you can download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader V. 9.0 by clicking here to read these.  Please be patient, some of the scanned copies may take a little while to download to your computer.

Click on the links below to read any particular issue and enjoy memories of when the world was perhaps a better place.

1939 Summer

1945 Autumn        

 1946 Summer        1946 Autumn       

                               1947 Summer      1947 Autumn

  1948 Spring           1948 Summer        1948 Autumn          

  1949 Spring
          1949 Summer         1949 Autumn      

  1950 Spring           1950 Summer          1950 Autumn 

1951 Spring              1951 Summer        1951 Autumn           

 1952 Spring           1952 Summer          1952 Autumn    

 1953 Spring           1953 Summer        

 1954 Summer       

 1955 Spring                                            1955 Autumn

1956 Summer

1957 Spring               1957 Summer           

 1958 Spring             1958 Summer            

 1959 Autumn

 1960 Spring                                       1960 Autumn

1961 Autumn

1962 Summer

1964 Autumn

1975 to 1977 (Two year edition with Obituaries for H.W. Llewellyn Smith, Walter Spinks,
                       Thomas Blackburn & W.R.C. Snape)