The Old Philologians Association


In a gallant attempt to make the Old Philologians' Website a little more
interesting,I am publishing another batch of photographs submitted by
members. It is my intention of changing these on a reasonably regular basis. It might also help old boys who have photographs and have forgotten some of
the names of past friends. Please contact the Website by using the Contacts
link should you have any which would be of interest. *** Raymond Berger (1949-57) sent me a couple of photos of his time
at S.M.G.S.He is still in contact with many of the boys shown in the Form picture
and has provided a lot of biographical information which he would be pleased to share
with anyone interested. Contact him via the webmaster on the contact page *****

David Stopp kindly sent me tha above photograph of Form 2H taken in 1962. He proudly tells me that he can remember all the names. From the top left to right :- Garbutt, Robson, Morrell, Bentley, Tims, Bell, Mann, Schaeffer, Goldberg, Kandel,
Greenman, Sawin, Davis, Collum, Stryjak, Green, Pilley, Hands, Asgaralli,
Smith, Pearlman, Macmillan, Evans, Pelekanos, Mr Phillips, Stopp, Fowler, Noorden, Harris.
What a memory!!

Kenneth Hoad was kind enough to send me the photograph below of St Marylebone Grammar
School's teaching staff taken in 1969-1970. I hope it invokes some good memories.

        SMGS  Staff 1969-1970
Top Row :-    R. Singh, J. Wilson, A. Roberts, S. Sherwood, J. Mason, R. Spencer, N. Menon,
              S. Thomas, ? Barraclough, J. Owen, C. Hookway, D. Gowrman.
Middle Row:-  I. Winterskill, J. Abbot, J. Barker, J. Dorlat, R. Mansell, U. Leibrecht,
              N. Rogers, C. Bosley, K. Hoad, K. Purser, A. Sasoulis, ?. Leason.
Front Row :- P. Spiers, E. McNeil, G. Bailey, Mrs Clayton, S. Leatham, K. D, Crook,
              H.W. Llewellyn Smith (H.M.), Miss P. Brice, Burroughs, L. Horwood,
              G. Hartshorn, M. Blakeway, A. Greenwood.


Forest Green Mill Improvements
The renovations to the Mill at Forest Green are almost complete, following the latest working weekend. Peter Woodman reports that the Mill's extension, now has the completed
external access bridge and stairs. The contractor has finished the main works with just
snagging to be completed. Butmeanwhile Omar and Jack labour on with first and second
fixings to the interior (toilets, hand basins,urinals, shower and wall-tiling). The picture
below was kindly supplied by Peter Woodman. (posted 3rd May 2010)



6th Science Form (circa 1957)

Back row
l to r: Roy Walton ,John Jennings , Ray Berger, Chris Clayden,
Ian Brunton, John Hale, Robert Souhami. Front row l to r: Chris Barlow, Malcolm Chan, Marcel Weinstock, Ron Doctors, Mr W F Spinks, Joe Puszet, Francis Capon, Richard Allen, Stewart Howkins.

The School Play

The school play was always a major event at St Marylebone Grammar & few examples
of photographs of a play exist.Peter Woodman sent this rather poor quality picture of of a 1951 production of Julius Caesar, taken in Mr Harrison's woodwork shop,
which was being used as a makeshift dressing room. On the left of the picture is
Billy Botten playing Titinius, centre is Laurence Neville as Messala, and on the
right Mark Grimwade as Lepidus. My guess is that poor old Julius had been
bumped off by this time.
*** Peter Woodman sent the following photos as memories of a Forest Green camp in
June 1951. In the December 2009 Newsletter reference is made to these photos
which due to your webmaster's total incompetence were not posted to our web site. (Sorry!)

Colin Chapman sent the above photo of Form 4 Science taken at Forest Green in 

Top Row :- Phillips, Melvin, Spencer, Johnson, Ferris, Vian, Frampton,
Carter (?), Chapman, Bryant Middle Row :- **, Bedford, Brock, P. Kemp, Wilson Front Row :- Downham, Kirby, Paterson. ** Cannot remember the name. Can anyone help? Use the contact page if you

Colin Chapman also sent me this photograph and asked whether
any Old Boy could indentify the names of those included.







Class of 1951 Science

His best guess is as follows with those unknown shown as a question mark (?):-

Back Row :- Colin Chapman, Philip L Philips, (?)
2nd Row - F.J. Furley - Lewis, Sidney Wain, S.J. Reinhard, Ronald Marks, (?)
Front Row - (?), (?)< Peter Bischitz, Reg Willis, David Kirby, (?)

Can anyone help please?



David Ball recently sent this photograph of the school, which was taken in 1955, which he took from the roof of the next door building before it was pulled down and turned into the Woolworths HQ.

Marchant Cup 1949 
It does not seem sixty years ago, in 1949, that a team from St Marylebone 
Grammar School won the prestigious Marchant Cup.
This was an annual competition between London schools that had a Fives court.
I am unsure whether we played the Rugby or Eton Fives version of the game.
Your editor played in this competition in 1951 or 1952 and had as his partner,
Jimmy Ball, now better known as Sir James Ball. The photograph below was loaned to me by George Hobart who was a member of
the winning team and was taken outside the main entrance to the school.

At rear :- George Hobart and Roy Ferris.

At front :- John Kemp, Ernie Schneck and Mr Horwood.

A report from the Philologian said :-

About to leave School, the Fives Captain would like to give a resume of 
activities since the game restarted after the war. Interest was shown at first
only by a few. These boys, however, were keen, and they had a particular advantage in that
they started from scratch; the game here was practically unknown. However,
interest spread, at first slowly, and then to such an extent that the logical
outcome was annual House matches. These proved popular, and led naturally to
the arrangement of inter-School matches. Our opponents in these games were
Public Schools, Grammar Schools, Old Boys' teams and Masters' teams. These are
the results :- Matches Played 18 Matches Won 14 Matches Drawn 2 Ma0tches Lost 2 The encouraging results led us to enter a team of four to contest for the
Marchant Cup, 1949, the first post-war year in which it was competed.for. Six
teams entered; we won the Cup without the loss of a set.
Congratulations to Kemp, who is also leaving, and Ferris and Hobart who were 
awarded their Colours this term, and many thanks to Mr Horwood for his help
and encouragement. E. Schneck.



I have recently had the photograph below forwarded to me by Tony Gilbert, who currently resides in the USA. It is thought to have been taken around 1960 and shows Dr. Burroughs (spelling?) with, from what he can remember, the school's 2nd fifteen and opponents from a long forgotten school. Has anyone any memories of the photo being taken and any of the names of those in the team?.