The Old Philologians Association


Details of The Philological Foundation
When St Marylebone Grammar School closed in 1982 it was decided to form a new charity with the assets of a number of associated smaller charities. The new charity was named the Philological Foundation in acknowledgment of the history of the school.


Old Philologians of '61
The Old Philologians of '61 is a web site targeted at those who entered the school in 1961 and well worth a visit


Pathe Newsreel
I am pleased to create this Link to the Pathe Newsreel of pupils from St
Marylebone Grammar School digging the swimming pool in the 1920's. This is a rare
piece of footage of Forest Green in its early days.

Wikipedia Details of the School


David Taylor's Web site
David Taylor contacted me recently to advise me that he has updated his
website. This certainly deserves your attention. There is a brief history of
the school. A great panoramic picture of the pupils in 1953, Pen pictures of
some of the masters who taught us there and the views of a number of former
pupils. Some of their comments are a little over the top but they certainly
invoke memories of times past.

The Forest Green Village site :

Below are some links to former pupils' websites some of whom have passed on to the great playing fields in the sky

Adam Ant 1 (Stuart L. Goddard) His biography has just been published

Martin Stellman

Sir James Ball 1945-1952

Andrew S. Cohen FRCS.CTh. 1976-1981

John Coplans Artist

Len Deighton 1944 only

Philip Enoch 1959-1966

Robert Feather

Malcolm Victor Gauntlett

Joseph Giret Q.C.

Benny Green

Robin Harper MSP 1952-1958

Eric Hobsbawm 1933-1936 A new book by him has recently been published

Judge Michael Horowitz QC 1955-1963

Jerome K Jerome 1868-1873

Peter Kinsella 1961-1967

Patrick O'Brian

Geoffrey Stern

Sir Cyril Taylor 1947-1954

Victor Robinson 1974-1979 To be found via Linkedin page

Sir Brian Vickers - The Old Philologians Association President