The Old Philologians Association


2018 AGM held at Abercorn School

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at 148Marylebone Road on Wednesday 4th April 2018
Present : Tony Antoniou, Colin Chapman, John Chi1ds, Owen Green, Mark Grimade, Stuart Lawrence, Jim McClenning, Leslie McKinnes, Gerald Margolis, Edmund May, Gerald Milch, Adrian Morris, Eric Price, Brian Saperia, Peter Sayers, Mike Springate, Tom Symonds, Robert Tims, Brian Vickers, Conrad Wagner, Peter Walter, and Jack Watson.

1. The PRESIDENT, Sir Brian Vickers took the chair and opened the meeting at 7.19 p.m. 2. Apologies for absence had. been received from Michael Bakall, Andrew Chapman, Photios Demetriou, Stuart de Prochnow, Peter Ellis, Judith Geldard, Keith Graham, Jeff Gray, Mike Harding, Omar Harmon, George Hobart, Felicity Hutton, Michael Kaye, Malcolm King, Denis Kurzon, Jeff Lawrence, Angus Mackay, Ken Marks, Maxwell Misner, Brian Pullen, James Rath, Roger Renders, Tom Sawyer, Kevin Silber, Martin Tims, Paul Treadaway, Shuan Wood and Peter Woodman. Douglas Walters had planned to attend..

3. Acceptance of the MINUTES of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on 05 April 2017 was proposed by Jim McClenning and seconded by Mike Springate. There was unanimous approva1 and the minutes were signed by the President. The REPORTS were presented in a booklet.

4.a. The CHAIRMAN of the COMMITTEE Peter Sayers, presented his report stressing his hope that attendances at meetings and functions would increase. The President proposed the adoption of the report, which was accepted unanimously.

4 b. In Omar Harmon's absence, the TREASURER'S report was presented by Gerald Margolis, who conveyed Omar's thanks to Tony Antoniou for examining the accounts. Expenditure and deficits on functions were generally similar to those of 2016. The War Loan was at last repaid. The adoption of the report was proposed by Robert Tims and seconded by Jim McClenning. The meeting agreed and thanked Gerald Margolis for his help.

4c. The adoption of the SECRETARY'S report was proposed by Leslie McKinnes and seconded by Stuart Lawrence. The meeting agreed. Robert Tims would add a report on the working weekends at Forest Green for inclusion with the other reports in the next newsletter.

5a. Eric Price took the chair and proposed that Sir Brian Vickers be re-elected as PRESIDENT. The meeting accepted this unanimously and Sir Brian resumed the chair,

b. The President proposed that Omar Harmon be re-elected as TREASURER. This was agreed unanimously,

c. Peter Sayers proposed that Peter Walter be e-elected as Secretary, Brian Saperia seconded this and the meeting agreed this nem. con.

6.Gerald Margolis and Mike Springate were due to retire from the the COMMITTEE. Jim McClenning proposed and Stuart Lawrence seconded that they both be re-elected to serve nnti1 2022. The meeting agreed.

The President then proposed that Edmund May be co-opted for the coming year. The meeting was fully in favour

7. Gerald Margolis proposed, seconded by Peter Sayers, that Tony Antoniou be appointed EXAMINER of accounts for the coming year. The meeting agreed nem.con.

8. The President proposed that in the last sentence of RULE 6,"examined" should replace "Audited". This was agreed. The suggestion that we should add that an examiner may be a member of the association was deemed to be superfluous.

9.Omar 's suggestion that we should apply for the facility for INTERNET BANKING was discnssed and approved in principle. It was left for the committee to clarify the details.

10, The PRESIDENT thanked Gerald Milch for arranging the refreshments. The RAF club was still unable to confirm a date for this year's Annual Dinner.

The President then proposed that Dick Durran be made an HonoraryMember of the-Association in recognition of his valuable work on the newsletter and the archives. This was approved with acclamation. The President closed the meeting at 8.07 p.m.