The Old Philologians Association


The Old Philologians Association aim to produce a Newsletter a minimum of twice a year. As with all Associations we rely on contributions and news from the members. It always helps if photographs can be taken at the time of form reunions as these will be of interest to those that were not present at the event.

Photographs of times past are again welcome, together with enquiries about past collegues and former masters of the school. Contributions can be sent either via this website or direct to Rob Tims whose contact details are given below.

Any last minute contibutions will be gratefully received.

These can be emailed to The Editor of the Newsletter Ed May on                         


From :- Rob Tims 29 Shirehall Park, Hendon, NW4 2QN Tel :- 020 8202 7140

The Old Philologians are trying to keep our printing/mailing costs under control. We know that you have already told us that you have e-mail facility, but we would like to know if you are able to receive your Newsletter etc by e-mail. You would have to have a broadband connection, as the Newsletter contains pictures, some of which may be in colour. As such, the file size would be too great for a dial up connection to download. The other potential problem we envisage, is that as this would be mass mailing, your Spam filter might treat it as Spam. For this instance, you need to be able to get it to accept the mailing as genuine for this and subsequent mailings. We will sent out an e-mail in advance of the first Newsletter mailing, to warn you to watch your Spam box. The Newsletter will be sent as a PDF file.

Please let us know if you are sure you can receive your Newsletter this way in the future, by sending me a reply e-mail to:-
If there is sufficient interest we will let you know before it is sent. Thank you

Rob. Tims