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Details of The Philological Foundation.  
*** The Old Philologians of '61 is a web site targeted at those who entered the school in 1961 and well worth a visit                                         ****

I am pleased to create this Link to the Pathe Newsreel of pupils from St
Marylebone Grammar School digging the swimming pool in the 1920's. This is a rare
piece of footage of Forest Green in its early days. Pathe Newsreel

Wik1pedia Details of the School ****
David Taylor contacted me recently to advise me that he has updated his
website. This certainly deserves your attention. There is a brief history of
the school. A great panoramic picture of the pupils in 1953, Pen pictures of
some of the masters who taught us there and the views of a number of former
pupils. Some of their comments are a little over the top but they certainly
invoke memories of times past.

David Taylor's Web site            

The Forest Green Village site :

Below are some links to former pupils' websites some of whom have passed on to the great playing fields in the sky

Adam Ant 1 (Stuart L. Goddard) His biography has just been published

Martin Stellman

Sir James Ball 1945-1952

Andrew S. Cohen FRCS.CTh. 1976-1981

John Coplans Artist

Len Deighton 1944 only

Philip Enoch 1959-1966

Robert Feather

Malcolm Victor Gauntlett

Joseph Giret Q.C.

Benny Green

Robin Harper MSP 1952-1958

Bob Harris 1960-1967

Eric Hobsbawm 1933-1936 A new book by him has recently been published

Judge Michael Horowitz QC 1955-1963

Jerome K Jerome 1868-1873

Peter Kinsella 1961-1967

Patrick O'Brian

Geoffrey Stern

Sir Cyril Taylor 1947-1954

David Stopp 1962 -1967 Song writer and all round good chap

Victor Robinson 1974-1979 To be found via Linkedin page

Sir Brian Vickers - The Old Philologians Association President